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HMOs (House Shares, Room Rentals, Flatshares)

HMO Contents

Profit from Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)

Houses of multiple occupancy (HMO’s) are a fundamental component of many successful property investor’s property portfolios. Whilst your return on investment (ROI) from a HMO can be considerably more than that of alternative property investment options, HMO’s can also be considerably more work.

HMO management

With Platinum Crown, the management of your HMO needn’t be a burden to you. Unlike most other high street letting agents, we have been investing in and managing HMO’s since 2006, so we are well placed to advise and manage your HMO’s which can otherwise be complex and time consuming.

HMO franchise

To benefit from having access to all of Platinum Crown’s business systems and structures whilst still owning your own HMO business, request a call back now to discuss our HMO franchise opportunity.

HMO legal and fire safety requirements – HMO licences

Here at Platinum Crown, we can take over the management of your existing HMO’s, and we can also help you to convert a single-let property into a HMO to significantly increase your monthly profit. We can also help to ensure that your property complies with all legal and fire safety requirements, including gas checks and obtaining HMO licences from the local council where necessary.

Furnish your HMO

Platinum Crown can furnish your HMO’s to bring them up to an agreed standard before marketing them for rental and matching the right types of tenants together, an essential, but often overlooked ingredient of running HMO’s.

HMO Consultation

You can benefit from a complimentary 15 minute no obligation quotation to discuss your HMO needs. For a more in-depth consultation, request a callback now to receive a quote.

Guaranteed Rent

Platinum Crown can guarantee your rent for periods of 1, 3, & 5 years. Guaranteed rent is paid regardless of the rent being paid by the tenant.

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Marketing your rooms and attracting house share tenants

You can benefit from Platinum Crown’s unique expertise in attracting tenants who want to rent rooms rather than whole properties. Room rentals in Colchester have been steadily rising for a number of years due to the changes in our economy. Being one of the leading providers of quality room rentals in Colchester, Platinum Crown has developed a system that enables us to continuously receive a steady flow of tenants who require rooms to rent meaning you can confident that vacant rooms in your property will be kept to a minimum.

As with other lettings, that just leaves you to receive your rental payments and income and expenditure statements each month.

What should I expect from my HMO property manager?

  • Bespoke IT systems and reports to manage HMOs
  • Transparency
  • Fast response times to your enquiries
  • The use of competent contractors
  • Flexibility based on your unique demands
  • Clear procedures

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Making lettings simple

We use a mix of off-line and online advertising techniques to ensure that your property gets maximum exposure. We do not rest until your property is let.

Support where you need it

You can benefit from our bespoke systems that enable us to tailor our services to your exact requirements.

Personal yet professional service

All members of the Platinum Crown team are trained to understand your needs and go the extra mile to help ensure that you get the service that you deserve.