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Avoid Costly Property Maintenance Bills

If you want to stay in the business of owning and managing property over the long term, you’ll find out one way or another that having a reliable team of contractors can prove to be invaluable. I tend to find that placing more effort in seeking out decent gas men and roofers can drastically help […]

Financing HMOs

By Mark Alefounder of HD Consultants It seems as though almost all property investors are enquiring about HMOs at the moment. It really is the topic of choice for a great number of property investors, be they new to the property sector or those with vast experience. It’s almost as if some feel incomplete without […]

Boom! Colchester is one of the UK’s fastest growing towns

New statistics reveal that Colchester is still one of the fastest growing towns in the UK, classing it, very fashionably, as one of the countries biggest ‘boom towns’. Recent studies show the population of Colchester has been rising over the last ten years, and is forecast to continue to grow over the next decade. But, […]